Home Service

Home Service

Our Home Service is your security, both when you're in your home country and when you and your family are in your holidayhome. We have long experince with our work and our company has beengrowing. We have excellent employees working in the different departments including Home Service, Administration, sale and reperations.Despite the fact that everything has gone very fast, we have never relaxed the requirement that both quality information and services must be prioritized.

Our goal is to offer a quality service beyond the ordinary - and take responsibility for the work we do. We and our stable and experienced staff treat your home as if it were our own.  The property will be checked once a mounth during April to Octaber and twice a mounth during October to April. It will be checked thoroughly and problems, if any, will be reported to the customer and resolved as soon as possible.  

  • We will inspect and see that the water and power is turned off.If there is food in the frezeer, the power will be turned on.Electricity and water meters will be checked.
  • When necessary, all plants inside will be watered on the mountly check.
  • We will make general inspection of the unit. - We will open windows/balconies to air the apartment.
  • We will look any damage caused by moisture. If any damage is detectet during the inspection the owner will be contacted promptly. This olso applies to third parties if they are involved.
  • Doors,  windows shutters will be checked.  
  • The mailbox will be checked. ıf needed we forward to your home addresses.
  • The balconies and drainage on balconies will be chacked for blockages.
  • The water will be supplied to the toilet and drain. And toilets will be flushed.
  • When extreme weather we will always make an extra inspection of the unit.  
  • Insurance will be ordered /reneved.
  • Property tax, electricity and water bills will be paid on behalf ot the customer.  
  • Asistance will be provided in case of illness. UNIVERSAL can be contacted 24 hours.
  • Use of office for fax,copy,etc... We can also assist with everything else, e .g....
  • Assistance to obtain a residence permit.
  • Transfer to and from the airport.
  • Cleaning of the property.
  • Assistance for car rental and dry cleaning.
  • Fill up the fridge for you before arrival.
  • Assistance to get internet and television(IPTV)
  • We can attend general meetings if requested.
  • Assistance in the repair and renovation of your property.
  • Other special requests not listed here.

We can offer our costumer 4 different possibility

  • Payment of bills
  • Payment of bills + 1 mountly service check
  • Payment of bills + 2 mountly service check
  • Payment of bills + 4 mountly service check

Providing home services since 1985.