Renovation & Rebuilding

Renovation & Rebuilding

UNIVERSAL Renovation & Rebuilding Department  

Does your home need renovation , maintanance or completıon, then have UNIVERSAL the opportunty to fix it for you. We have talented and experinced craftsmen, which we are able to provide in your apartement.  As the owner you have the opportunity to follow the process from your home country.  

UNIVERSAL Make sure that the craftsman treat your apartment as if it were their own. In a situatıon where you wish to make use of our renovatıon department we wrap your furnitures, take down your curtains and we will observe the craftsman throughout the process to avoid any misunderstandings in the process.

In acute needs we do our best to respond to you as soon as possible. You are very welcomme to contact one of UNIVERSAL references to hear abouth their experiences with UNIVERSAL  Rebuilding and Renovatiun Department. When we are making bigger reperations we are using well educadet architect - in bigger cases please be ready for a start cost when we sand you the offer.

UNIVERSAL Look forwards to make your dreams come true.  

Providing home services since 1985.