Site Management

Site Management

If your property is part of complex it is essential that the grounds and pool are maintanied. New buildings will be in responsibility of the developer or builder until they are all complated and sold.


We can devise a management package for your site after discussing everyones requirements. Prices for this service will very depending on size of complex,pool and requirements. Please contact us and we will sand our complex management team leader to inspect your site and give an offer.


This is a small example of needs for a site (complex)


-    Organize the management plan & complex budget for the yearly expenses.

-    Collect mountly / annual payments from owners.

-    Pay the communal electric and water charges,record individual meter regarding  if necessary.

-    Maintain the common areas (swiming pool and gardens, sewerage system,rubbish collectıon,etc..

-    Generate and sand invoices detailing assessment  charges,late charges.fines and others to unıt owners.

-    Handle all unıt owner communicatıons and correspondance. 

-    Give general advice and support to all comunity members.

-    Legal book keeping reports from authorized book keepers.

-    Supply gardener other staff to maintain the complex.

-    Represent the complex in any matters on behalf of the owners.

-    24 hours emergency contack.

-    Our accountant, financial advisor and translator help us providing this services


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